Concours : 2nd Miroc Digital Circuit 2013

Photo club „DANUBE“ from Donji Milanovac, Serbia, is kindly inviting you to participate at the
2nd  Miroc Digital Circuit 2013 <>
4 sections, 4 judgings, printed catalog, 35EUR
A.    Mountain Landscapes (Color or Monochrome) (PSA ND)
B.    Open – Color (PSA PID Color)
C.   Open – Monochrome (PSA PID Monochrome)
D.   Photo Travel (Color or Monochrome) (PSA PT)
All participants will receive a printed catalog.
If you sing in alredy, please ignore this message.
Best Regards
Borislav Milovanovic, Salon Chairman
Tel: +381 69 128 06 14
web: <>